Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've been so lazy, neglectful. I've been at a loss for words. Turns out all my readers want to know more about Watchmen or something as they all come to my flu-medicated reactions to the Watchmen trailer that appeared in like July or something. I'm at over 1,000 visits and none of them care. The bastards.
Anyway, I'm getting sick again and there's no new trailer to keep me warm inside. My boy Philip is blogging and I dig it even though, at times, I don't get it. He makes me interested in Basketball. Styledevice is his name at the blogroll so if you like The Watchmen and you like NBA, you should check it out. Or if you like skateboards. Or bass players. Or guys who work from their home. Post-hardcore. DJ-ing. guys named philip. my boy.
Well, enough about Philip, let's talk about me. I'm jamming to some King Crimson right now. I'm rethinking the purpose of this blog- something more along the lines of my initial ramblings about history. Whatever. I didn't write about Watchmen so you probably never read it.
You guys suck. One line of dialogue and you have to google it. The film nerds of the aughts fucking blow.
If anyone reading this is going to see Ralph Bakshi at the Alamo, ask him a question for me: Who sings the song at the end of Wizards? It's been killing me for like 25 years and I need to know. I need more information about this soundtrack.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"It's possible that Rambo is even more violent, but Punisher: War Zone spreads its violence out like jam on an English muffin,"

Is The Punisher waving at a little girl supposed to be funny or touching? Hard to say. But I do know how I feel about The Punisher holding a little girl in his arms while he shoots a handcuffed guy in the face with a shotgun at close range. I feel good about that.
Devin Faraci has seen the new Punisher movie and deems it good.