Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Always The Quiet One

britpop killed one of my favorite bands. everyone had to rip off some english band from the sixties so as to project this air of "cool britania." it's cool, i guess. outside of blur's cheekily "song #2", no one wanted to admit an influence from the former colonies. the wedding present broke up. david gedge got married and formed cinerama, a vastly boring band. but david was happy.
i guess.
then he got divorced. i quote (inaccurately of course) "the difference between breaking up with someone then and breaking up with someone now is that, now, i have to sell a house."
the wedding present reformed and recorded the album Take Fountain. i didn't care for it all that much at first. i even missed seeing them at emo's (and i'll always have megan to till me how much i fucked up on that one). now i can't stop listening to it. and all you jawbreaker fans, this album is the closest you're gonna come to follow up to "Dear You."
anyway, these are the reasons why you should own The Wedding Present's "Take Fountain."

and, i'm afraid a recurring favorite, the true jam off the album

i'm not lying. buy this album.

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