Monday, May 5, 2008

Dead Child - Attack

First off, just to get it out of the way, I don't believe in the idea of "hipster metal." not at all. and if you twisted my arm enough to make me give an example of it, i'd yell sunn not the sword. but that's neither here nor there. we're talking about aging indie rockers putting out a metal album. and here's the rub.
if this album was any good, i'd bring up how easy it was for the metal community to embrace the, at the time, very non-metal glen danzig. i'd talk about my growing realization the punk, hardcore, indie rock and all their brethren were just another form of metal. that it fucking rocks, if it makes you bang your head and forget your job, then it's fucking metal.
but it's not any good. the riffs truly are a lead balloon. the singing wants to be rob halford but instead settles for the tim owens version of jello biafra. it's just fucking boring. all this from a guy who wanted this to be good. who needed this to be good. i mean, jeebus, it's dave pajo. if anyone from the indie-rock world was gonna make a great metal album, it'd be the guitarist from slint
and it turns out i was half right.
dave pajo has made a great metal album.
it's called Spiderland.

"Goodbye Captain" by Slint (off of Spiderland):


pusher said...

I think this record is great.I feel like more people would embrace it if it was not conected to certain peoples past work,which is nothing like this.They have had a hard time with these so called blogging"critics"(dudes at there computer in there underwear sitting around knowing so much about genuine metal and slint at the same time)Anyway I think it's real solid shit and is a much better record then what you make it out to be.

deepfix said...

i'm glad you love it. i really do. i'm always pulling out my hair and yelling at some dude who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about slagging a record i love (if you don't believe me, ask me about the onion's review of the new sword album.) but, anyays (both the 'but' and the 'anything' in one really are stretching yourself-the EDITOR), the only reason i'm giving it anychance at all is BECAUSE of the people involved in it. if, say dave pajo, hadn't been involved in it, i would be much more scathing in my review. it's shitty metal. i would've known that back when the only metal album i'd heard was shout at the devil.

but not every band has to grow up in public. if he's really serious about this, then i really look forward to the next album. he'll have had time to grow into the role that he left behind twenty years ago.

deepfix said...

and to make it clear to all of my readers, i am currently wearing khaki slacks and my go-go's tour 1980 replica t-shirt i got at Stubbs when they played beauty and the beat in its entirety. i have never, ever, blogged only in my underwear.

adam said...

Dear Pusher..

I received a promo of the Dead Child record, based of the name and the back mentioning metal, and took it home to listen to it. Now, At the time of the initial listening, I didn't know that Slint had any association to this record. This record sucked. No, no, wait. This record fucking sucked. It wasn't that it was just boring or anything like that. It was that it was poorly written and then because the fact that it was poorly written they felt they had to slap a Metal tag on it so people would accept it as something other than a heaping pile of cheep beer shits.

Now, knowing that certain people were involved with the record not only makes me think it fucking sucks, but also bums me out at the same time.

and yes, i am sitting in my underwear on a blog. And not only am i sitting in my underwear, on the computer, on a blog, but im also drinking a beer.

Since you like it, would you like the promo I got of it?