Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feels Good To Be Jesse On The Inside

days and days fly by yet time always seems to stand still. this here blogging is a bad habit i can't shake off. so, here we are, in lieu of deep thoughts and earthy ruminations, with another "one hit wonder wednesday."

there's so many things to say about these guys. within their chords lay my life experience. bashing my head(s) to slayer and minor threat. intellectually challenged by fugazi. feeling pretentious and arty with bands that run the spectrum from drive like jehu to antioch arrow.
but nothing gets me in the throat, that place that seperates us in between the brain and the heart, like these guys.
do they count as a one hit wonder?

only if you count this song...

but there was also this song; it still breaks my tiny wrinkled heart...

but my love affair begins here (two covers, the sabbath is cool but the bomb isn't dropped until two minutes in)

anyway, my favorite song (dawn can't decide) is lacking in the video department so here is my second best "one hit wonder" moment by the lemonheads: tom morgan's the outdoor type.

this song is dedicated to you....

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