Thursday, June 5, 2008

She carries my confusion in the pocket of her jeans...

"these dreams go on every time i close my eyes."

it's funny how we can simplify everything in our lives. i was metal and then i wasn't. i read stupid fantasy novels and then i didn't. i was a good student and then i wasn't. we edit all the fumbling, bumbling, tumbling moments in between. the scraggling, scratching, scheming, selfish need to manufacture a new sense of self; an identity only to be repudiated twenty years later.
i remember my sophomore year of high school and skipping the last period of class with craig and buying records and eating chinese food. my musical definitions were being cemented and i really had no say in it. years later i would always say that i was into the descendents but, to tell the truth, i never knew shit until i saw this video on 120 minutes:

water under the bridge. scott reynolds was gone after that album but a die had been cast and All became the new musical quest. turned out they'd played with brian christner's band so mike and i had something to feign bonding about. but this song broke my heart, breaks my heart, and will forever break my heart until there's nothing left to break:

now it's the future and i'm bored and old. new music seems far too beholden to the fashion industry and i try to remember when we'd laugh at funny hair and men in women's jeans. scott reynolds (best singer for all) now lives in austin and chepo from gomez plays the bass guitar for him. no one buys his album even though the song "angel" (not a video to be found) is fucking killer and the flaming lips are all over his album.
them's the breaks.

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