Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i could really us a beer right about now

as always, i wear boredom on my sleeve like a badge or a patch, like some civilian variation on rank. "i've earned these stripes! i've earned these stripes!" anyway, the dry recitation of facts does not "a something interesting to say" make so let me list as list does....

Alison Poole (aka Lisa Druck [aka Rielle Hunter]) does not really exist!

her father doesn't exist as well.

"Totalitarian regimes – the Nazis, the Soviets in 1980, and now the Chinese – desire to host the Olympics as a way to signal to the world their superiority. China believes that it has found its own model to develop and modernise, and its rulers regard the games in the same way as the Nazis and Leonid Brezhnev did, as a means of "selling" their model to a global audience."
so how do you do this? you hire Albert Speer Jr.

i'm even more bored now than when i started.
i'm gonna go eat a taco.

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